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Jamie Grayson

Executive Director and Founder, Jamie Grayson

Jamie is a certified trainer in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through the University of South Florida, Muma College of Business and has a Master’s in Education from Williams Woods University. He has spent more than two decades as a senior level executive in the financial industry with his passion for serving people of all colors and backgrounds to have the opportunity for financial freedom and success.

Jamie is a former collegiate athlete, national speaker on youth leadership, workforce development and the advancement of courageous conversations for change in schools and businesses. He serves as the Executive Director and Founder of People of All Colors Succeed Organization, aka POAC Succeed, a nonprofit organization that brings real world learning concepts, emotional intelligence, and unconscious bias awareness to the next generation leaders in area schools. Through in-class training, work-shops and mentorship programs, POAC Succeed looks to partner with local organizations and businesses to provide internship opportunities, on the job training and skill development tools to help enhance students’ Market Value Assets, for higher paying jobs in their future.

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