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Daystar West Consulting

Daystar West Consulting

Sponsor Level | Crossroads Level
Sponsor Type | Web Design


Daystar West Consulting offers custom development of web applications, content management systems, e-commerce solutions and desktop applications for firms of all sizes. A User Experience expertt will work with you to determine not only the project requirements but also how this project fits into your overall company goals.

We can perform:

  • Business process automation including order processing, scheduling, inventory, work flow etc.
  • Legacy application migration to move your existing applications to a more maintainable architecture.
  • Legacy application integration to tie existing applications into new software.
  • Mobile applications.
  • Usability and security analyses.

We frequently partner with talented Marketing and Graphics agencies to provide the data and development support they need to meet their clients needs.

Sponsor Address

8303 NW Hillside Dr Kansas City, Missouri 64152, US
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