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VVV Consultants LLC

VVV Consultants LLC

Sponsor Level | Crossroads Level
Sponsor Type | Marketing Consultants


VVV Consultants LLC is an Olathe, KS based “boutique” healthcare consulting firm specializing in healthcare strategy, market research and business development services. VVV Consultants LLC

With changing markets, HC business success and survival depends upon uncovering sound information, strategy development, effective planning, and deployment. Specifically we assist healthcare organizations with the following tailored projects:

  1. PC / ER Referral Tracking Application
  2. Staff and Provider Engagement Research
  3. Patient Satisfaction Research Program Development.
  4. Strategic Planning Development and Facilitation
  5. Community Health Needs Assessment / Implementation Plan Development
  6. Physician Manpower Assessment
  7. “More Marketing” Audits / Brand Assessment
  8. Comprehensive Marketing Plans

Note: Project information, benefits, costs, timetables, and sample files are available upon request. OR (913) 302-7264

Sponsor Address

601 N Mahaffie, Olathe, Kansas 66061, US
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