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EAG Advertising & Marketing

EAG Advertising & Marketing

Sponsor Level | Crossroads Level
Sponsor Type | Ad Agency


EAG Advertising & Marketing is a full-service outsourced marketing department for small and mid-market companies in all stages of growth. Our client experience is represented by more than 400 business owners and organizational leaders. This makes our clients the most passionate, thought-provoking group of customers a business can have. At EAG you will find subject-matter experts and deeply experienced marketers with all the skills you would expect from a large in-house marketing department, for a fraction of the cost.

We are great planners, not for the sake of building elaborate plans, but for the purpose of having a clear roadmap to success, that is understood by all. For a small organization, our creative work competes with anyone. Whether in design, writing or within the strategic plans we develop – we may be small but are extremely proud of our creative product (and awards). 

Our client experience includes everything from Agriculture to Aerospace, and that’s just the ‘A’s. Our philosophy is to adopt best practices and the latest marketing strategies from the nation’s largest brands and adapt them to work for our client organizations. 

Sponsor Address

2029 Wyandotte, ste 101, Kansas City, Missouri 64108, US
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