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Finding Your Voice: How to Write Authentically to Engage and Retain 

About the Program

Your Authentic Writing Voice

Presented by Kasey L. Riley
Marketing Consultant, KLR Consulting and CMO of The Fat Plant Society

This presentation will address how vital it is for all marketers to develop and hone an authentic writing voice to effectively promote themselves and/or the organizations they serve. In the age of digital information and information overload, creating compelling content is utterly vital to connecting with customers and provides a brilliant opportunity to enhance your personal or professional brand.

Kasey prefers to engage the audience when speaking to groups to please feel free to bring questions, interrupt her at any time and share your tips with others in the audience.

Three Key Takeaways

  1. How to overcome “writer’s block” and produce content consistently
  2. Tips and tricks that communicate authenticity
  3. How to utilize and refresh content you have previously developed and re-purpose so as to engage and retain stakeholders.*

* Particularly useful for new writers (and/or marketers who need to be writing but struggle and cannot find the time) so they can start off utilizing best practices.

Event Details

Date: January 23, 2018
Time: 11:15am to 1:00pm

Lidia’s Italian Restaurant
  101 W 22nd St.
Kansas City, MO 64108 [MAP]


This event is open to members and non members of AMA. For those purchasing tickets with the membership discount, membership will be checked at the door. 

Limited Student Scholarships are available. Click here if you’re interested.

Meet Our Speaker

Co-Founder & CMO for The Fat Plant Society

Kasey L. Riley has international experience in marketing, communication and teaching on the topics of public relations, digital marketing, and grant writing, having lived in Beijing, China and Copenhagen, Denmark (twice).

From meeting in Malaysia and marrying having only spent two weeks together, Kasey and her husband Morten Klinte (who was living in his home city of Copenhagen, Denmark while she was in Beijing, China when they met) took a circuitous route to get to forming The Fat Plant Society—but in a good way.

Stemming from a not-so-intentional but nonetheless Bohemian lifestyle of travel, love of nature and plant life, and delight in food and liquor from all over the globe, The Fat Plant Society grew out of a return to their roots in Copenhagen in 2015.

They made the decision to turn what they love, admire, and are inspired by into a business that would not only enhance the beauty of a space but also the wellness of those who inhabit it.

Kasey and Morten founded The Fat Plant Society in the spring of 2016 in Kansas City, a city that has been home to us (off and on) since 1999.

Kasey’s formal title is “Co-Founder” & “CMO” for The Fat Plant Society but her preferred titles are “Nice Lady,” “Moss Girl,” and “Walking Woman.”


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