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Ben Holland, VP of Marketing Satrix Solutions

VP of Marketing, Ben Holland

Ben Holland, VP of Marketing Satrix Solutions

Meet Ben, a seasoned marketing professional with over 16 years of experience in entrepreneurship, digital and traditional marketing. Throughout his career, he has served in various capacities, including as an owner, contractor, and department head, specializing in strategizing, budgeting, and leading successful campaigns.

Ben's track record speaks for itself. He's been honored with 13 prestigious marketing awards, including Marketer of the Year, and has participated in many national PR opportunities. He's also been privileged to serve on four different marketing boards and was elected President of the American Marketing Association.

When he's not busy driving results, Ben loves spending time with his family and engaging in outdoor activities like softball, basketball, and hiking. As a goal-oriented and data-driven individual, Ben welcomes any challenge that comes his way.


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