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20 Jobs, 20 Lessons! – Building A Personal Brand in Social Media

About the Program

In this presentation, Bob Cargill will talk about his new book, 20 Jobs, 20 Lessons, a Long Strange Career in Marketing, from Junk Mail to Social Media, and how the emergence of social media about 20 years ago changed his career so dramatically. He will explain how any brand, individual or corporate, can take advantage of social media – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, even TikTok – to get to the next level of success. If you have already jumped on the bandwagon, you’ll be inspired to do even more with social media. But if you are skeptical or critical of these online communication channels, he will convince you that by using social media, you can transform both your personal and professional lives for the better.

Event Details

Date: February 27, 2024
Time: 11:30am to 1:00pm

This will be a virtual meeting

About the Speakers

Bob Cargill, Marketer and Author

Bob Cargill, who was the New England Direct Marketing Association’s Direct Marketer of the Year in 2009, is an adjunct professor, a copywriter, content creator, social media consultant and public speaker who has worked for some 500 or so different clients over the years.

His work has been recognized with over 40 awards from the New England Direct Marketing Association, including Gold for his blog on marketing, Gold for Best Tweets, Silver for Best Copywriting and two Silvers for his video series about social media on LinkedIn.

Bob is the current president of the American Marketing Association Boston (for which he was the president in fiscal years 2018-2020) and the past president of the New England Direct Marketing Association (fiscal year 1999-2000). In addition to hosting his own podcast on marketing and recording YouTube videos about social media on a weekly basis, Bob also contributes regularly to his blog at which he began writing in 2004. He has also recently written and published a book about his career in marketing so far entitled Twenty Jobs, Twenty Lessons – a Long, Strange Career in Marketing, from Junk Mail to Social Media.

Bob resides in the suburbs west of Boston with his wife, Barbara, with whom he shares two sons, Scott and Ben, and two stepchildren, David and Sophie.

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